How To Start a Startup in Goa in 2020?

Startup and entrepreneurship is the dream of every human being on this planet. Everyone wants to be their own boss drive the best car, live in a big house and have a successful booming business of their own.

It all sounds so fascinating at first but that lifestyle is not an easy one and you have to climb mountains to reach there. Billions have tried but only few succeeded. We are not here to show you an easy “get to your dreams” path, we are here to show you the reality and also how you can make it possible.

[lockercat]Startups are launching everyday but Goa is the center and one of the first states of India to begin with entrepreneurship. The people here due to the tourism and attraction, have built their own way to earn money without working for anyone else.[/lockercat]

What does a startup mean?

Well, it is the business or a way which allows an individual to sell a product or service to the consumers in exchange of money and gaining all the profit. That individual seeks capital, fame and trust in the market place to eventually grow into a corporation.

There are multiple ways to start a startup in Goa but it all depends on you, your knowledge and application of the knowledge you possess. We said knowledge not information.

Who starts a startup?

Individuals who have the vision of making something big out of their lives and impacting the world to leave a mark behind begin with an idea to develop into a startup.

The drive one has differ from person to person, some may seek validation, some need more fame, some are just obsessed with learning, some wants to help the world, some wants to protect their loved ones financially, and some do it for the adrenaline rush.

How many times have you seen people getting mad at their office work and college load and think of dropping out to start their own business? many times we guess. That is one of the reason people begin with the startup.

It’s not for everybody but at the same-time it is something that most people could achieve by keeping few things in mind

Those things are:

  1. You will have to go through allot to achieve your dreams, you are not allowed to stop.
  2. You are not going to win until and unless you know the business you are in inside and out. LEARN IT FIRST.
  3. Learn some skills required to have an upper-hand and a boost in your business such as communication skills, hospitality, selling, learn languages, etc.
  4. Even if you don’t see exponential growth in first few months, DON’T GIVE UP, keep going it takes time. 

How to Start a Startup?

Before you begin getting all hyped up and excited to see the rain of money, hold your horses and just think on it. Sit with a pen and paper and write down your goals and your achievements which you will hit after you start a business.

Ask yourself questions such as:

  1. What business will I start in Goa that will have the most demand for?
  2. What is it that I could offer to the market-place that no on else or only few people are offering?   
  3. How is it that my product or service could dominate the marketplace?
  4. How can I structure my business work without me?
  5. Whom to hire that could benefit the business?
  6. How will I market myself in the marketplace?
  7. Who are my competitors? And what are they doing?
  8. How can I grab the attention of my potential customers and retain them?
  9. How can I sell to my existing and new customers? 
  10. What are the tools I will be needing and the legal documentation that I have to complete to be out of law suit?
  11. Am I the one who can persevere in the market crash?
  12. The product or service that I am selling, can I stick with it in the long run (5-10 years at-least)?
  13. What can I do today to make all that I have planned ready for success?
  14. How can I brand my business in such a way that people remember it with the logo and tagline and know what I stand for?
  15. Who are my potential targeted buyers and what age group, gender, or place do they reside in? 

When you answer these questions and write it down in your book, you will know everything about your business inside and out and you will be all ready to set and launch it. This is what it takes to start your own startup, it’s not easy but it’s worth it.

Which industries you can target to start your startup in Goa?

Goa is the main tourist attraction where people not only from India but from entire world land to enjoy and make their vacations worth-while. So, it’s natural that you choose an industry related to it or you can even join two or more industry and provide something that no one else does to gain the maximum profit.

  • You can look for pickup and drop facility that will provide vehicles to the newly entered customers from one point to another at cheaper rates than the usual market offers. 
  • You can run a hotel for customers at different level from basic all the way up to 5/7 stars facility.   
  • A tour guide facility for new comers so they can enjoy the entire beauty of Goa.
  • You can build new soft-wares for everyone to make their vacation to Goa an easy and memorable one.
  • You can even crash in to a rent a vehicle business if It suits your preferences.

There are so many businesses you can start here in Goa it all depends on you and finally don’t forget that which-ever industry, startup or business model you choose, it wont work unless you have the most common skills that every entrepreneur have.

Everything mentioned above is the technical stuff that anyone can learn in few months and start their own business but if you wish to stick in and stay in the game of long enough and gain profit then know this that what you need is the right positive mindset, the accurate attitude to deal with success and failure along the way, patience & confidence that it will all work out in the end and finally the most important key to your success is CONSISTENCY.

If you have all that then remember that you will soon be among the one thrives in their businesses and achieve massive success. Knowing that what is your next big idea? best of luck…😊