How to Create a Strong and Effective Resume – 6 Tips

Resumes are your first impression and you know what the old saying is about the first impression, don’t you? Learning how to create a strong and effective resume should be the first skill you master. Today, we will teach you how to make a resume for your first job.

There are basic fundamentals you can use to create a strong and effective resume. The basics always remain the same. Anything extra you put in based on your creativity acts as a cherry on the cake.

Use the below pointers, add your own creativity and you are ready to get hired for the best jobs in Goa or elsewhere. Let’s Begin

Tips To Create a Strong and Effective Resume

Here are a few tips to help you gain an upper hand when you find and apply for the best jobs in Goa or elsewhere.

Tip #1: Choose Absolute Resume Format

The first step on how to make a resume for your first job begins here. Selecting the best format demonstrates, you have done the research and found something that suits you.

There are 3 basic formats available for you to choose from which are 

  • Chronological
  • Functional
  • Combined

A chronological resume is a resume format that prioritizes your relevant professional experience and achievements. This is for those individuals who have experience working in different companies. You can flaunt your achievements to catch the eye of the recruiter.

A functional resume on the other hand is opposite to a chronological resume. In this format, your skills abilities will be highlighted more.

This can be a best fit for most individuals in the IT field where the skills are the main look-out. This can help you get the best jobs in Goa or elsewhere, if you possess the skill set required to get the job done. 

A combined resume as the name suggests is the format where both your skills and experience is highlighted. This is the one you should eventually lead to.

Your experience and skills independently may help you get the best jobs but the combination of both saves you the hassle to find jobs in Goa; instead the jobs find you.

Tip #2: Personalize Your Resume

This is the first pointer you should keep in mind while starting to create your own resume. To stand out from the crowd.

Give it a personal touch, make it represent you. Your resume should be your professional reflection on the paper.

It should not look as if you have just copy pasted something from the internet swapping the name. Trust us, it is easily noticeable the amount of effort you have put in creating it.

The best jobs in Goa demand you to be the best in what you do. And it all starts with your resume. Creating a strong and effective resume is the difference between you getting the job or not. Hence take it seriously and don’t give it a pass.

Tip #3: Add Your Contact and Personal Information

This could be a no-brainer but still most people don’t get how important it is to edit your resume with your most relevant information.

Your contact information, your address, your email id, your name, spelling and everything. Don’t give the number which you least recently use or isn’t in service. 

If you have given the contact information that was once relevant but doesn’t work now then update it. Don’t circulate the same resume everywhere. You could miss out on an opportunity because of this.

Tip #4: Learn How to format Work Experience

It is quite normal for people typing all of their work experience, but it just doesn’t work that way anymore. There are some rules you must follow.

The most recent relevant experience should be coming first in a particular order. If you have taken multiple jobs, then the job that was the same or close to that should be your first priority. Then the one after that and so on.

Tip #5: Put Relevant Skills that Fit the Job

Your skills are the abilities you will be judged on. Don’t get all fancy and fill the page with unnecessary skills which you have just read about to impress the recruiter. You may get into trouble. 

Put only the most relevant skills which you have taken time to learn. 

Tip #6: Don’t Stress on Minute Details & Waste Months Making one Resume

Yes, the resume is your first impression but understand this that nothing is perfect. If you wait for months crafting that perfect resume, you could suffer the loss of delay.

The job you so desire could be gone, timeliness is an essential element to find you a best job in Goa or elsewhere.


Make sure to 

  • choose the correct format for your resume
  • give it a personal touch
  • complete your personal and contact information
  • add your work experience
  • put relevant skills and
  • Don’t waste time making it perfect 

So, there you have it, our 6 tips on how to make a resume for your first job. When will you start to Create a strong and effective resume for yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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