8 Profitable Startup Opportunities in Goa

The pandemic has bought about a lot of changes in our daily life, things have completely changed now, what used to seem normal a year ago seems dangerous today, from shaking hands to going out to eat. There has been a shift in our mindsets and we are adjusting to the new normal that is. 

The pandemic has bought about many bad things including the closing of businesses and people losing their jobs, the conditions in Goa are no different, due to the job losses people are desperately trying to find job opportunities in Goa. 

Getting a job might be difficult these days hence, a lot of people are inclining towards the business world. Here we have listed a couple of Profitable Startup opportunities in Goa that one can start.

  1. Food Truck Business:

The food truck business has been gaining popularity as a concept in Goa, among entrepreneurs and consumers alike! It is one of the less capital intensive businesses if compared to opening up a restaurant or something of a bigger scale.

  1. Transportation Rental Business:

As we know Goa is a tourism-based economy a lot of people indulge in this business. One can simply start by renting out scooters & bikes, though there are legalities involved one can start their business at a low investment or get financial help from the banks to start it!

  1. Fish Farming:

Fish farming is one good option to lean towards as Goa is a place which is ideal for it! But this is not something you can just do like that, you will need to get training from Government-run farms and institutions. 

  1. Photography Business:

For a lot of people, this is a hobby, but not everyone understands how much potential there is when it comes to business terms. One has a plethora of options to start with from product photography to wedding photography, the options are unending.

  1. Starting up a Cafe:

This might not be feasible for everyone but is a great startup opportunity if one executes it properly! Due to internet culture cafes are something that has seen a lot of growth in recent times. 

  1. Social Media Management Startup:

This is not something that everyone will be able to get into, but if you do enough research and start taking small projects you should be able to crack the code and get into this business.

  1. Ecotourism Business in Goa

Ecotourism is one of the best choices for nature lovers who love to travel. It is one of the most emerging business ideas in goa. It could be something like organizing Treks, heritage walks, bicycle tours etc.

  1. Travel Agency

Goa is a “hot spot” when it comes to traveling! It has varied tourists coming out throughout the year because of its picturesque nature, beaches, waterfalls, nightlife, and other things. Hence, opening a travel agency is one of the best options to start a business with.