7 Skills You Can Develop Today to Find Your Dream Job

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Skills are mandatory in the world we live in today. It is a skilled world where people are paid based on the skills they provide to the marketplace. You can see that from a daily-wage-chores to a high paying job all have people who work to demonstrate their skill and value. Today, you will learn the top 7 skills you can develop today to find your dream job.

Skills equal to how valuable you are. If you have 5 skills which you can use to help 1000 people and if you have one skill which you can use to help 1 Million people; then follow that one skill. The greater the impact you can make with that one skill, the more valuable you are.

Now that you know how important skills are, let’s dive deeper and give you the list of top skills already!

7 Skills You Can Develop Today!

Each skill below, tap into different versions of you. So, proceed with not mastering all of them at once just because it seems flashy. Start with 1 skill and master it to the deepest level. Then once you are great in it and impacting many lives, you can proceed to the next skill. Let’s start.

Skill #1:  Digital Marketing & Management

It is the most important skill that you must possess. No matter if you are working in any company, or even solo. You must master this skill period.

Think about it, every company has a product and everyone needs marketing. With the world going digital, it is no brainer that this skill has the highest demand everywhere you step in. Even if you are an entrepreneur, you need to reach eyeballs to what you have to offer.

Even if you don’t believe it yet, go learn this first and you will understand eventually how meaningful this can be.

Digital marketing has many forms and parts. There are multiple social media that you can master. Based on the product you offer and the customer you target, you choose the platform.

Suppose you market B2B (business to business) then you go for linked in. If you market B2C (business to customer) you choose Facebook or Instagram. This depends on you; choose carefully.

Skill #2:  Sales

After digital marketing this is the next skill you can master. Trust me people have given their lives to learn this one skill. It is an easy skill when you understand the fundamentals and psychology of people.

This skill alone can make you as much money as you want. You will never starve when you know how to sell. Every business needs salespeople to help them make more profit. The more the company makes the more you get paid.

If you want to make let’s say $100,000 (Rs75,68,050 currently) then all you have to do is make a profit of $1,000,000 (Rs.7,56,80,500 currently) to the company and demand 10%. They will be happy to pay for you.

Skill #3:  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is everywhere. You see these websites ranking higher on google. It is the magic of SEO. When you master the skill of helping companies reach the first page of google, you give them business. That makes you a valuable asset to the company.

Learning how to optimize the content so it is reached to millions of people is a pretty handy skill. You deal with keywords, research your audience, analyze demands, and lots more. If you are into this, it is one of the great skills to have in your arsenal.

Skill #4:  Copywriting

Copywriting means persuasion in print. You write a letter, a landing page, an email, an Instagram/Facebook post with the intention of making people buy your product, idea, or brand. Copywriting is everywhere.

Every company needs copywriters, with this skill you will never run out of customers. When you help your company to write a copy that sells, you make an insane amount of money. Now listen carefully, there are people who make millions of dollars with just this one skill.

Read it again and understand the power that copywriting holds.

Skill #5:  Content Creation/Blogging

One of the tactics which the companies use to get traffic and rank higher is they create content. They write blogs every week and build email lists.

Blogging means that you write long-form articles, demonstrating your expertise in that certain market. You can write blog posts for them which again, help them gain traffic and eyeballs to the product they offer.

As there has to be content on blogs every week, you don’t get out of the business soon enough.

Skill #6: Coding

This is a major market share that you can acquire. Think of the top companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, etc. They come up with new technologies, applications, and softwares everyday.

You will not reach that level in a few years, but it is the most incredible skill you can hold. Every company needs an Application or a website. You can code it for them and demand based on your quality of work.

Popular coding languages to learn in 2020 are as follows:

1) Python (most popular)

2) Java

3) Javascript

4) Swift

5) C, C#, C++

6) PHP

7) Ruby etc.

 Skill #7: Graphic Designing

This is another important skill which is under-rated but again has a very high demand. Every company needs to upload posts and they need amazing graphics to catch people’s attention.

When you can help them do that using your graphic designing skill, you are off on a long journey.


Every skill is important because it inspires you to help the market. There is a trick to make the most profits over to the already huge profits from one skill alone.


1) Digital Marketing & Management

2) Sales

3) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

4) Copywriting

5) Content Creation/Blogging

6) Coding

7) Graphic Designing

That trick is mastering similar skills and building your value more. Such as blogging and SEO. Copywriting and Digital Marketing. When you combine such skills you do work for multiple people. That’s when you add more value and become more profitable.

Which skill will you develop today?