6 Ways to Use The Internet to Find a Job

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Gone are the days when you had to scroll through multiple newspapers and other articles to find relevant jobs! It’s the age of digital, everything can be done digitally and on the internet today, the same falls for finding jobs online too! There are multiple ways to use the internet to find a job and we have listed a couple of them for you here keep reading,

Using Job Portals:

The most popular way to find a job for you is Job portals, as the entire purpose of these portals is to list jobs and help people find the right ones for them! It makes it easier for people to find jobs as they categorize and segment jobs based on the industry, companies, and other criteria, this makes it easier for people to find jobs. It is also important that you make use of local job portals as they will be more relevant, e.g. if you are trying to find jobs in Goa you need to use a job portal from Goa. Again this might change in case you are planning to shift.


It is widely believed that your network is your net worth, and it really makes sense! Finding relevant people from your industry can be really helpful when it comes to finding jobs. The right connections can land you up in the right places at the right times.

Using Social Media:

Social media has become much more than just a tool to pass time, there’s a whole lot of things that you can do than just like pictures or share memes now! Platforms like Facebook have introduced a separate section for finding jobs, which can be very beneficial to the ones looking for it!

Using Linkedin:

Linkedin can be a very helpful source when it comes to finding the right job. You need to work on your Linkedin profile as it acts as your digital portfolio, a lot of recruiters prefer Linkedin to hire talent for their firms. Having a Linkedin Profile for professionals is a must.

Visit Company Websites:

Companies often post their job openings on their websites, some even have a separate section for jobs where they post all job vacancies. 

Web-Based Employment Agency:

There are tons of job agencies or consultancies online which you can approach the best job openings in the industry you are looking for. These agencies are directly in connection with the companies which enables them to find you a job much easier than other sources.