5 Ways to Negotiate a Higher Salary in 2020

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Have you ever wondered why your colleague gets more salary than you? Despite you both being at the same level and experience? Will you be thrilled if we teach you how to negotiate a higher salary?

Today we will address 5 salary negotiation tips that will help you to negotiate a higher salary from your boss. This will be a golden nugget for you if you are looking for that raise.

Before we give you the salary negotiation tips, here is a short disclaimer.
If you are reading to get the quick hack and shortcuts to increase your salary then you might be disappointed.

Even if you don’t currently have a job but are set to search jobs in Goa or elsewhere; these tips will still be beneficial to you. It will help you to start with a higher salary and then increase it more.

Salary negotiation is not an easy task. There is a reason why most people never get it. Today let us demonstrate how it is actually done.

How To Negotiate a Higher Salary

To get the best jobs in Goa or anywhere else is a difficult task but when you already have one, don’t let it go just because you don’t understand how to negotiate a higher salary.

Tip #1: Master the required skills to become valuable

This is the most important tip if you ever wish to negotiate a higher salary. No company will ever give you the raise if you don’t possess the required skills which they need. Don’t bother asking.

If you search for the best IT jobs in Goa or anywhere in the world; you will notice this pattern. The industries have shifted to skillset and not on hourly labor. Yes, there are still industries that require people to work without mastering some skills, but you never know when Artificial Intelligence could take it over.

To be on the safer side and to negotiate a higher salary, we recommend you to master the skill which is absolutely necessary in the industry you are passionate about working.

Tip #2: Do the research & Know your worth

This tip to negotiate a higher salary will always keep you ahead of the line. You must do the research before you sit down with the HR to negotiate your salary. Doing a thorough research will enable you to understand your true worth.

For Instance, check out what other IT jobs in Goa are offering for the same position and then examine yourself to set the salary range.

Tip #3: Show them that you are an asset

Every company wants to grow, and if you are someone who can make that happen then you don’t need any tips to negotiate a higher salary. You can kindly demand what you desire and they will happily agree.

Show them with your work and previous experience. If you take any freelancing projects, show them. Your portfolio and positive feedback will help you in the salary negotiation process.

Show them that you can make them X amount of money and they will be happy to give you a huge percentage of that amount, sometimes 10-20 percent as well.

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Tip #4: Do not let your emotions sway you

People have emotions. That’s an undeniable fact. But do not let those emotions sway you. If you are in need for some money, you might settle for any amount that the company decides.

Rather learn to control your emotions and not let your needs be shown in your work. When you stay firm and could become an asset to the company, you have no need to settle for less. You deserve more.

Tip #5: Ask for more than you actually desire

This is a small hack to negotiate a higher salary. This salary negotiation tip could become a new weapon in your arsenal. This is how it works. When the HR asks you “what salary are you expecting” You say more than you desire.
Say you have done the research and know that you could get about 30,000/- but you desire 35,000/- from the company. When the HR asks you, you reply saying that you expect your salary to be 40,000/-

What this will do is that it will make them leave the 30,000/- mark which they were actually going to pay and try to meet somewhere in between.

When you say 40,000/- they will try to negotiate and bring you down to 37,000/- or 35,000/- and in any case you sweep the victory.

When done right this hack could get you what you desire. But remember; to enable this opportunity, you must first have cleared the tips 1-4.


The tips to negotiate a higher salary demands you to be good in what you want to work as. When you follow the above listed tips, you will raise your salary.

If you wish to learn more about salary negotiation and tips we recommend you to read a book called
Fearless salary negotiation : A step by step guide to getting paid what you are worth
By Josh Doody.

We are curious, which salary negotiation tip did you find the most valuable? Let us know in the comments. Also make sure to share this article with your friends, family, and colleagues who might find this useful.

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