5 Tips that Help You Get a Job as a Fresher in Goa

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If you are looking to get a job as a fresher in Goa then this article will help you to do so. Getting a job is a hassle and we understand it. Jobs for freshers in Goa are going down as companies want people to help them grow faster.

You must have already gone through various job portals in Goa, searched for a vacancy in Goan companies and others but the fact that you are reading this is   because you need some advice and tips to get a job as a fresher in Goa. Read along and let’s help you find jobs in Goa.

Get a Job as a Fresher in Goa 

You can use the following tips to find jobs in Goa and make sure you are appointed. 

Tip #1: Utilize Job Boards

This is a major step in the process to find jobs in Goa. There are numerous job portals for Goa and elsewhere. Take ours for example. You can search for jobs on our website jobsgoa.com. Here you can check for a company in Goa to find jobs. 

Utilizing job boards help you to get a wider perspective and understanding of the market. Whether you are a graduate job in Goa or any other position; you can filter your desire and browse the jobs which you like.

Have you taken advantage of the job portal in Goa?

Tip #2: Research Your employer

When you come across a vacancy in a Goa company and it makes you excited, make sure to do the necessary research on the employer. Find them on social media platforms, check out what type of content they are putting out, what is the culture of the company? Does it follow the same principles you have? And more.  

Your research will give you a clear knowledge of whether you will really love to work there or not. So make sure to do the research.

Tip #3: Tweak Your Resume

The resume you create for the first time is not necessarily the best one. You have to make changes according to the company you are applying for. Every company expects your resume to be in a certain way and pattern.

When you do the research, you will understand what changes you need to make. Some want your experience upfront, some ask for your skills and some something else. Know what will make the most impact and tweak it as you go.

Tip #4: Make The Most of Your Networking Skills

When it comes to blending in a new environment or meeting new people and speaking to them, most people are just too scared and introverted. You must leverage your networking skill so you attract the people you meet.

This is an essential skill which we believe that everyone must master. It is said that “your network is your net worth” 

Tip #5: Reference & Recommendation Letters   

Reference and recommendation letter work best when you apply in a company and someone has referenced you. If that person has a good image and he/she referenced you means that you are more likely to get the job you applied for. 

This is again possible when you have a good networking skill and you are growing your network in both quality and quantity.


There you have it. 5 tips to get a job in Goa as a fresher. You could use the same techniques elsewhere because the fundamentals remain the same regardless of the location and industry.  

We are curious, which tip did you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

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Keep learning and keep growing. Until next time:)