5 Best Freelance Jobs In Goa For College Students

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If the title made you come and read the article we are pretty sure you are someone who is looking to make that little bit of extra income! Well you have come to the right place we’ve curated a list of the best freelance jobs in Goa that you can take up in your free time. 

You can take up these jobs as freelance or even as part-time, it completely depends on how you want to approach it. Read the list to understand which are some of the best freelance or part-time jobs in Goa:

  1. Graphic Designing-

This is one of the hottest selling skills in the market! Graphic designing is something that is needed in most industries and hence there’s always a demand for these skills. A lot of companies and agencies tend to hire part-timers and outsource design freelance work to freelancers. If you have or willing to obtain the skillsets you have huge potential.

  1. Blogging-

Popular among the youngsters this is one of the best ways to earn passive income. If you have the skill of writing good content this can be a very feasible option for you! It’s not necessary to write for your own blog but bloggers also tend to hire people.

  1. Online Tutoring-

Tutoring is something very common that people look for, may it be learning some new skills or to get some extra help in studies! You can simply list your skills on different platforms like Fiverr & Upwork and people will come to approach you with their requirements.

  1. Social Media Manager-

People have finally started realizing the power of social media and how important it is when it comes to growing a business! But not everyone is capable or versed in handling it hence they tend to look for people who can do it for them! That’s where you come in; if you have the skills and knowledge to handle and grow social media profiles you sure will be getting a lot of opportunities! 

  1. Photographer or Videographer- 

You can consider this as one of the most flexible kinds of work that one can take up. It can be done full time or part-time! Though it’s not something everyone can do, one can always learn and take it up. You can start by taking up photography for small family functions initially and take it up further from there!