4 Amazing Tips That Can Help Companies Recruit During Covid-19

Do you need a specialist for your company but don’t know where or how to find them because of covid-19 Pandemic? We have a solution for you! These 4 tips will help companies recruit even during covid-19 crisis.

Job opportunities in Goa are getting abundant as people don’t wish to move in the current crisis. The downside is that they don’t apply for jobs as extensively as they would otherwise.

Companies want more people to continue their work so they don’t go out of business any sooner. There are some major steps you should be taking to keep you company up and running.

To help you and companies recruit during covid-19 crisis, here are 4 tips you could implement right away.

Tip #1: Post on job portals Goa

This one comes as an obvious but again this is how people have evolved. Job opportunities in Goa or anywhere have shifted towards job portals. To get a job in a Goa company people are now applying on job portals such as Naukri.com, jobsgoa.com, indeed.co.in, etc.

You must post your job listing on such platforms as well. Try using above job portals and you will be getting CV’s all over your emails.

Have you tried any of the above portals yet? How was your experience?

Tip #2: Setup a Virtual Technology for Interviews & Prioritize remote working skills

When you upload your job listing on above portals, you will be getting applicants from all over. Your job now is to set up virtual technology platforms to interview them.

People won’t leave their houses for interviews, so now it’s up to you to get smart and sign up for skype, zoom, etc. so you could interview them while they are home.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should try to shift the requirement from normal office hours skill set to remote working skills. Prioritize remote working skills more as that is what the applicant will be hoping for.

Skills such as timeliness, & ability to work independently, getting work done without someone holding you accountable every minute, willingness to learn digital tools and technology etc.

These skills should be prioritized over other skills.

Tip #3: Leverage your company’s brand

This is the best time to go all in on leveraging your company and brand. You haven’t taken your company on the internet yet, do it now.

Take these steps and build your audience and rapport over the internet. 

  • Create pages on Social media such as Instagram, youtube, Linkedin, facebook, Pinterest, etc. 
  • Create a website, app, software, or all of them.
  • Create a Logo, slogan, core values & Principles
  • Market yourself over and over again so everyone knows about your company.
  • Showcase your expertise and demo on social media platforms
  • Build your portfolio and showcase that to the public, so applicants see your company as an expert in that field.

These efforts won’t go in vein as it will help you build trust and authenticity.

Have you tried taking your company and brand on the internet? How was it? 

Tip #4: Utilize your existing candidate pool

Before going to the advanced new search, make sure you have utilized your existing candidate pool properly. What it means is that, the list of applicants you already have, reach out to them.

See if they have improved, or know someone with the skills you are looking for. Contact them, take their email id, phone number etc. Contact those new and then repeat it until there is no one left from that pool.

Have you tried asking your current candidates and employees about new recruitment? How did it go?

So there you have it, recruiters. These 4 tips will surely help you and many Companies Recruit even during Covid-19 pandemic.    

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